Thursday, June 26, 2008

another chapter. (happy infinity x3?)

"Well... if you want your wish you have to help us fight the Pig Horde." (this is where joseph's thing comes in) Anna mumbled.
The pig horde?" Jenny asked.
"This group of villians who turns everyone into bacon!" Yanan explained.
"i like bacon." Alex commented, "Let them keep doing it! More for me to eat!"
"You know, for a small kid, you sure are gluttinious." Jenny chuckled.
"Well, at least she didn't say wimp." i said before he got all maddish.
"guys," Yanan explained, "you don't get it. no help, no wishes. we have powers to make you do it. Anna, burn them."
we all glanced at each other nervously. "She's not seriously going to do it is she?" James asked nervously.
"Sorry, but I have no idea!" Helen chirped.
Sure enough, there was a ball of fire in Anna's hand.
"Hey!" Alex yeled. "That's blackmail!"
"i know that. why else do you think i did it?" Anna smirked.
We all gulped.
"One.. Two.. Thre-" Yanan started
"No wait! We'lll do it!" Gary yelled.
We stared at him.
"i mean, come on guys. you guysthink we're too wimpy to fight something called the Pig Horde?" He added, "Plus we can wish for superpowers!"
"Oh heh..." claudia looked down, "WE forgot to tell you. your powers only last until the fight is over."
"Oh... uh oh." i thought aloud, "Let us sleep on it."
"Alright," Yanan replied, "But we need your answer by tomorrow."
We all said goodnight and then we blew up our tent (not THAT blow up!) which was about half the side of the pyramid with a built in.... everything.
This time, instead of being in a seperate hotel room like in india, we had just a door (well, a piece of cloth) seperating the rooms.
After we got dressed for bed, we called over to the boys, "Guys! What do you want to do about their deal?"
"i think we should take it, like i said before!" Gary announced.
Everyone was wearing a kidn of a weird expression. i was because it really struck me as strange that Gary would be scared of getting burned but not of the possibility of BECOMING BACON fighting the pig horde!
"But don't you think that it's kinda weird how they're always forgetting to mention stuff?" Joseph asked.
"The human mind is often forgetful. in mythology books, the fairies are often several hundred years old. They're probably just getting older -aging- so their mind has so much information that they cannot possibly remember it all." James commented.
"But it seems different. They say it really uneasily." I argued.
"Yeah, I think they're hiding something! like they murdered someone or busted a bike!" Helen thought.
"Helen, this is not a mystery like that okay?" Jenny snapped.
"oh.. but i've always wanted to see a busted bike!" helen complained.
Jenny rolled her eyes.
"This isnt getting anywhere!" Alex screamed.
"Yeah.." i yawned, "All this thinking is making me tired."
"Since when do you think?" James asked, smirking.
"oh shut up. I say we demand information tomorrow and make up our mind at the end of the day."
We tok a vote, and it was unanimous. Then gary's stomach grumbled. Loud.
"dude." joseph said, mimicking what alex said in our last story.
"Oops." Gary b lushhed jusut like joseph did, "Shut up stomach!"
i think that's when we all realized we didn't eat dinner. i guess we all had a lot on our mind. i mean, in one day, we learned that there were as such things as fairies, there's a goup called the Pig horde, they can turn people into bacon, and that Jenny can cuss. Yeah. It's been a tough day.

today everyone got up fairly early. When the girls got up, the boys were in tehir room crowded around their portable DVD player. THey were watching a loud moving with a lot of smacking sounds in it and a fair amount of cussing.
"What's this?" helen asked.
"It's a kung fu movie," Gary explained, "Not soemthing i expcet any of you girls to know about!"
Jenny kicked him in the shin.
"sexist." SHe muttered.
"For girls, they really can kick!" He muttered.
Helen walked over and punched him.
"Sexsisist." She frowned
"And punch..." Gary muttered, not even batting an eye at Helen's mis pronounciation.
i was too weak at 7 am to whack him, so i ust went back to my room.
"You idiot," I hear Joseph muttering to Gary while i was reading after i changed and brushed my teeth "Girls are sensitive that way. They get hurt really easily, so don't insult them or you'll get hurt! They arent' men like us!"
"Oh since when were you teh expert?" Gary sneered. Right about then i walked over to Joseph and smacked him with the book i was reading. Did I mention that when Joseph squeals it's really loud and really high?
"Psh..." Gary chuckled, "you're a great teacher. I know exactly what to do next time!"
"Shut up!" Joseph reached over and tackled Gary.
"oww... Waht is this? Hurt Gary day?" he asked.
Right about then, Alex came back with a cup of coffee, tripped over the booko, stumbled and... that's right. The coffee landed all over gary.
"Ooh.. that's hot!" Gary yelped.
"Whoops, my bad!" Alex apologized.
"Smooth...." Joseph commented.
"AT least i'm smoother with girls than you two idiots!" He defended himself.
Helen walked over to Alex and flicked him in the face. Alex fell over xDDDDD. Now it looks like this: Gary has coffee all over his shirt, next to him is alex, lying down, kind of squished, and joseph is rubbing his own back and flinching.
"Hey guys, check this out!" james walked over with a dictionary."i found what a fairy is-whoa!" James had tripped over Alex's shoe and the dictionary had landed on gary's head.
"Apparently it is!" Jenny giggled.
I'm just gonna go up and change...." he muttered, "sick minded people." He said under his breath. All of us threw a pillow at him
* * *

Friday, June 6, 2008

poll results

michelle is tired of seeing so many polls on her OWN BLOG, so she's going to type up the results of the ones she is going to delete here.

for: describe me.... 7 people put stupid >:(, 7 ppl put nice 0:), 8 people put awesome, OH YEAH!!! and 5 people put pretty.. wow... 0.0.

for the: how many ppl have likeed me before in my life that i know of?: 5 people put 1, 9 ppl put '2, but one doesnt count', 1 person put 5, and one person put 10+. 9 ppl got it right.

for: do i put on makeup? 1 person put 'yes thats why you look so good xD', 13 people put 'heck no, you hate makeup thats not for health, 3 people put 'yes because you are obsessed with looks -.-' and 8 people put 'no your looks are all natural'. well, b and d are right.

for: whats my worst flaw? 2 ppl put ugly, 2 ppl put mean, 9 ppl put stubborn, 1 person put fake, and 5 ppl put untrustworthy. i have been notified by yanan that she put all 5 of these on there.. -.-.

for: waht pisses me off?
bad attitudes
1 (5%)

meanie heads
10 (55%)

bad singing
1 (5%)

6 (33%)

(yah i copied and pasted.. looks better)


1 (4%)

0 (0%)
0 (0%)
7 (33%)

8 (38%)

5 (23%)
actually its a tie between joseph and all

and an ongoign one: which one of the azn posse girls are the ugliest? so far...

8 (47%)
michelle (duh)
3 (17%)

1 (5%)

8 (47%)

5 (29%)

0 (0%)

WHOO!!!!!!! GO JENNY!!

and another ongoign one... which one of the azn posse girls are the prettiest? so far..

6 (30%)

0 (0%)
6 (30%)

8 (40%)

0 (0%)
wow......... no helen, i dont vote on my on polls.. >.<. yanan has let me know htat she voted all 6 times for jenny... 0.o

for: the biggest azn news? ALSO ONGOIGN

rivalry between joseph and alex
0 (0%)
how gay mark is
2 (14%)

joseph and i
6 (42%)

if claudias in azn posse or not
6 (42%)

for: am i ugly?

1 (6%)

5 (33%)

half and half
9 (60%)


thats all for now.. byebye!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


okay.. i wont talk about it much sincce i didnt invite all of yall... sry.. :(. but.. basically.. we had fun, and 4 ppl cried at my bday.. whoopee... including me.. -.-. but in the end.. it was all better :D