Thursday, May 22, 2008

another chapter.. (i'm only doing this cuz it's 6 in the morning and i'm bored)

"oh.. would you look at that?" a tingly voice from somewhere spoke, "they're awake." She stepped into my view. A girl dressed in blue completely, wearing a dress covered in glitter taht looked like there were flower petals on the skirt. The girl looked about my age, except she was only about two feet tall. Also, on her back, there were two delicate, beautiful wings. oh no! I'm delusional! There's no way she could havve wings. bu thten again, there they were. I reached out my hadn, trying to touch them.
"Hey! Watch it!" The girl smacked me, "If you break those, you'll have to pay my hospital bill at the Fairy Hospital!"
We all glanced at each other. I noticed tehre was a small... pole in her hand. also blue wiht a sparkly white tip with a raindrop on it.
"Hah!" GAry laughed, "YOU'RE A FAIRY???"
The girl seemed to stiffen. SHe held the pole and began to mumble something. Suddenly, and ice chest appeared out of nowhere and teh ice cubes were sliding down gary's back.
"Ahh.. ee... ooh.. ig..." he mumbled.
We all burst out laughing.. except Gary, of course.
"You guys wanna piece of this-ooh! that was a cold one!" He squealed.
"Yes, i am a fairy." THe girl introduced ehrself, "My name is Yanan."
"Yanan?" joseph asked, "like i'm yawnin? WHat a stupid name."
Yanan glared at him, and soon, Jospeh was doing the same weird dance gary was doing. We all mocked their dancing. Finally, it stopped.
"HOw dare you do that to my brothers??" Alex cried. Yanan thought nothign of it and squirted les in the face with a water balloon.
"A little help here JAmes!" Alex yelped, "JAMES!" James was muttering somethign, and suddenly his eyes lit up, as if he had just thought of somethign.
"there's no way you could be a fairy in this world. You would have to travel through many dimensions to do that unless u brought us to this place while we were napping...?" We looked behind us and sure enough, the toppled pyramid was still there.
"But- it can't be. Fairies only exist in books of mythology and factasy. Seeing them in the natural world just isnt possible!" He said, confused."Oh look. her wings are gone. She's just a regular girl also in the Pyramids." He soothed himself.
"uh.. no." Yanan sprouted her wings out again. "i cna change whneever i want!"
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!" James looked as if he was about to faint.
"Agh," yanan muttered, "where are my sisters?? ANNA! CLAUDIA! Get over here! They're up!" She yelled.
another girl, dressed almost exactliy the same as yanan, except slightly shorter adn her dress was orange, adn insteda of a blue tint on her wings, she had an orangeish glow. ANd her hair had orange streaks int it. she also had no pole..
"Hi! I'm Anna!"
We all mumbled hi back.
Another girl flew in, slightly taller than Yanan, dressed in all white with a halo.
"HEy guys! I'm claudia. " She said brightly. "Introduce yourself and tell me a little bit more about you!" Wow. This reminds me so much of the first day of school. Of course, I've never been to school, but we reead and teach ourselves. Ocasionally, we come across a tutor on our adventures.
"hey, I'm helen, and i like to cheer! WHoo!" We all turned away, whistling as we pretended not to know her. "Hey guys! Your turn!"
"Okay. I'm alex and I'm sexy!" we all stared at the ground. Except Joseph. He shoved Alex and went, "I'm sexier. EVeryone knows taht!" The girls just rolled their eyes.
"I'm James, and I'm hoping to get into harvard, although I've never been to school before, i'm planning to major in math nad science." The three fairies just stared blankly at him and blinked a couple of times.
"Hey! I'm Jenny and I'm awesome and you arent!" But I guess jenny noticed that "Yanan, anna, and claudia were kind of heating up, so she rushed her words. "Just kidding.. heh.."
I went last. "i'm michelle..."
"OKay, cna u tell us somethign aaobut yourseelf?" claudia asked.
"Um.. I like to write?"
"oh sure.. okay.. I gues you guys have been wondering about us. YEs we really are fairies. Yanan's a water fairy, ANna's a fire fairy, and I'm a sky/air fairy." Claudia said. "WE can grant you one wish since tehre's so many of you. WE are good fairies and WONT trick you. Think well." Whe wnt on.
"Sweet!" The guys yeelled.
"Hold on." I narrowed my eyes. "HWat's the catch?"