Sunday, April 20, 2008

chapter 5


today we woke up at 4 in the morning to put the stuffed ducks and cows in the boys' room. we snuck into their suite and carefully put them down. eww... they all drool. oh whatever. we carefully took a piece of string and tied it to one of the ducks and put it right in front of josephs face. when we were done, it was around 5, and we were kind of sleepy, so we set their alarm clock 2 6 so so we didnt fall asleep before they found out, cuz then we couldn't see their reaction. aww man. they also snore, but i guess thats good, since none of them moved. (we also found out alex talks about monkeys in his sleep)
an hour later, we heard a scream. a high pitched one. i might add. we all looked at each other, thinking the same thign. Joseph.
he burst into our room.
"ohmigawd!" he yelled, "Theres a friggin' duck in my face! with beady little eyes adn everythign!"
we all pretended to just wake up.
"you.. you guys... ugh!" he screamed.
"joseph, what are you talkign about?" i asked, pretending to yawn.
"you know what ii'm talkign about!" he started, "but you know what? it's okay. ii forgive you."
"Forgive me for what??" Jenny asked, grinnign. i hope he couldn't see that well in teh dark.
"whatever, just keep playign along. I don't care; we can all just forget this." he laughed, "good night. sorry for botherign you guys."
we should've known something was fishy, but i guess we were too tired adn let sleep come upon us. before i closed my eyes, i caught a glikmpse of joseph leaving, but then i fell asleep.
as it turns out, right after joseph walked out of the room, he went back to his suite, woke up the others, adn they all came back with... buckets of water. they splashed us till we were soaking wet adn we yelled at the because it was ice cold.
"This is how i felt when i woke up and stepped on a cow!" gary yelled.
"Did you know cows are very important to india's religion, hinduism??" helen inquired.
"if htye knew how many hamburgers I ate at mcdonalds they'd kill me," James muttered
"guys! just get up and go change!" I cried, "Today's the day we show the indians how to evaporate seawater to make salt!"
"oh... right," the boys thought.
we oeft around 8 am and went to our limo. (yeah... we have one!) people were giving us weird looks because we were in such an expensive car. or maybe bbecause of the color. see, the girls wanted blue, james wanted greeen, joseph wanted orange, alex didnt' care, and gary wanted black. i guess we were being so demanding and rude that the guy just splashed all teh colors all over, adn now our limo resembles the color of puke.
Anyways, the ride was mostly silent except for james commenting oce in a while, sayign things ike, "look. there's the Deccan Plateau," or "we're on teh northern plains," and "look. there's the himiilayas!"
We all just rolled our eyes as he continued pointing out various physical landforms from the book in his lap. when we finally got there, we were greeted warmly as we taught each person how to evaporate ti. one man even said that he would open up a salt factory.
"ha ha! i TOLD you!" Gary laughed at jenny.
"whatever! usually i'm rite!" Jenny responded.
"yeah right!" gary scremed.
"oh shut up!" Jenny yelled, runnign after him.
in the end, we all high-fived each other and laughed and joked. just hanging around with our besst buds. the Asian posse had solved yet another mystery!
"CHeers to us!!" Alex yelled.
"Cheers to us!" we repeated.
Eyes were on us again, but this time, i didnt care.
oh... and next up is our adventure in egypt!