Wednesday, April 16, 2008


okay... u know how in s.s. (gt) we have to write a story using those words? well... i made up one story about azn posse-2, ...
here goes

there once were seven kids who called themselves the "asian posse"
they consist of:
Michelle-she is a smart girl who bosses people around
Jenny-a smart egomaniac
Helen-a smart loud girl
Alex-a talkative boy
Gary-a strong boy
James-a.... big vocabulary boy
Joseph-a peppy boy
(i had 2 find something nice about everyoen xD)
Togethere, they are a very good group. they travel all over the world solving problems and arguing. Thye are all a family and have lost their parents who used to be detectives. they all wanted to follow their parent's footsteps. Their next stop was Hawaii!
on the plane, (their parents were very wealthy adn willed all thhier money to the kids) they were arguing about what to do about the problem, which was that india had run out of salt.
"Whatever. just let them eat without salt. thye're making such a big deal abotu it." Gary complained.
"Well, you do need salt to live!" Jenny explained
"yeah gary!" Alex exclaimed.
"We also need clothes." Helen mentioned
After a moment, Joseph and Michelle both went "awkward..."
"ANYWAYS," James said, glancing at Helne, "How are we supposed to help?"
"Oh. That's easy, " GAry chuckled, "We just need to steal some form the salt factory."
"And if that would work, how would we bring it?" Helne asked, "OH YEAH! i didnt think so!"
"Uh... we just fly in our private jet, duh." alex saiid.
"um... no. what if it runs out?" Jenny asked.
"Yeah but-" Alex started
"Cause you can like-" Gary started
"did you know hawaii is an archipelego?" James asked
Everyone jsut looked at him.
"Well yeah. I mean, isnt that a group of pielands or something?" Joseph asked
"Islands" Michelle corrected
"I would like to live on a pieeland...."Joseph started to drool....
"Dude." Alex pointed out.
"Oh!" Joseph cried. "heh... you didnt see that...."
"Um... yeah we did." everyone said.
As Joseph blushed, the pilot said "we are having some techinical difficulties thanks to a monsoon." the plane bumped up a couple of times.....

To be continued (thats all i have so far!)

oh! and check out jennys! its sooo cool