Friday, May 9, 2008

Trying.. A poem dedicated to Yanan Wang and Helen Li

I feel like I should do it
I feel like I should try
BUt i'm just kind of afraid
That i'll fall down and cry.

I ready myself as I decide:
No I wont be a chicken.. or a hen
ANd i'm about to go,
but something stops me once again.

I'm afraid of humiliation,
AFraid of embarassment
AFraid that something will happen,
And a part of me will be bent.

I watch the others do it
Some fall, but they still try.
'I'm gonna go' i thought.
ANd when i do, I fly...

i jump and leap
and hop and glide
And it feels so good
just knowing i tried.

I kno yanan and helen r both afraid of humiliation, so eyah... i origianlly wrote this poem the day we did hurdles.. xDD and i kno yanan didnt do them because rohan hurt himself, and helen didnt do it cuz she was in dance, but yeah.. enjoy!


we're not doing limericks in school, but i wrote some about soem of my friends..

There once was a girl named Helen,
She had not yet commited a felon.
She was a pretty good kid
6th chair when she went to mid (midwest)
And her head is as big as a melon.

(helen.. i'm kidding. but there rnt many things that rhyme with helen....)

There once was a girl named Anna.
She doesnt really like bananas.
She won't eat eggs
Even if somebody begs
And she has a friends named Amanda.

There once was a girl named Michelle
She has risen and she has fell
She tries to be nice
Like sugar not spice
So that she'd go to heaven not hell.

:D... i couldnt make one about yanan cuz... ntohing rhymes with yanan... xP.

Shy... A poem dedicated to Becca Coleman

I have something to tell them,
I have something to say.
But I guess I should just let them
Keep doing it their way.

I guess I'm too scared
To tey and speak out
I don't think I should
Try to change the route.

I'm about to say something,
Something smart and witty.
But when I open my mouth,
The sound is itty-bitty.

I guess i'm just afraid
Of what mean things they'll say.
Afraid of the high price,
That I might have to pay.

But then I say it,
And i start to say more.
But i stope; they all laugh.
What was I even scared for?

i just assume she feels this way often...