Friday, May 9, 2008

Shy... A poem dedicated to Becca Coleman

I have something to tell them,
I have something to say.
But I guess I should just let them
Keep doing it their way.

I guess I'm too scared
To tey and speak out
I don't think I should
Try to change the route.

I'm about to say something,
Something smart and witty.
But when I open my mouth,
The sound is itty-bitty.

I guess i'm just afraid
Of what mean things they'll say.
Afraid of the high price,
That I might have to pay.

But then I say it,
And i start to say more.
But i stope; they all laugh.
What was I even scared for?

i just assume she feels this way often...


Becca said...


is that what you think goes on in my head? :D:D ...cuz it's sorta trueeee

Michelle said...

Yeah... xD. im so good. :D