Wednesday, April 23, 2008

another chapter... i just cant remember... just gonna title these stories... adventures?? forget it!

From now on, i'm not going to write the date because it's boring and.... i'm too lazy. =)
Anyways, we were just walking around Egypt. The reason we were there was because Alex and Gary thought iit'd be a great idea to go sit on top of the pyramids. All of us just rolled our eyes, but in a flash, the jet was ehre. i guess they've been talkign about it for a while. The girls had no choice but to go with them, since who knows what could happen to them? alex could get swallowed by a camel, Gary could kill a camel, James could get left behind studying the scientific name for a camel, and Joseph could jump into the Nile!!! What choice did we have? Each of them have the possibility of dying except for Gary, and I just KNOW i can't live with only Gary for the rest of my life, so we can got on our private jet (AP) and heeaded over to Egypt. After around two hours, we arrived at the pyramids. We walked over to teh nearest one.
"Wow," Alex commented, "I didn't realize they were so... big."
"Well duh..." helen replied, "They're called the great pyramids for a reason!"
"Yeah, I mean if you wnated to climb it, it would hhave to be called the wimpy pyramids!" Jenny snickered.
"Oh shut up." Alex blushed," I can do this one. it's made out of bricks. i climb brick walls all the time."
I raised my eyebrows. "why?"
"No reason," Alex looked away. "Here I go!"
alex went to the corner of the traingle. He put one hand on each side of the flat surfaces and pushed himself up. he was holding on... and fell right off.
"Haha!" Gary laughed, "Loser!"
"As if you could do better!" Alex retorted.
"I bet i can!" Gary boasted.
"Fine! let's see you!" Alex challenged. Gary positioned himself the exact way alex did, but he decided to get mad so he'd be "stronger". He jumped up just like Alex did, and slid right down. But this tiem, he brought a bunch of something down with him. It was some clay and rocks.
"Oh my gosh!" i scremed, "You BROKE the pyramid!"
"No I didnt... I just tore it. no problem," Gary defended himself, "adn this is for you." Gary poured the dirt into Jenny's hands, expecting her to be mad.
"oh cool!" Jenny squealed, "This is awesome! just like me!" I rolled my eyes.
Suddenly, we heard a roaring. The pyramid was falling. Gary actually took out a lot more than we thought. The dirt all just fell on the floor.
"RUN!" Joseph screamed. As if we needed reminding.
We sprinted as fast as we could, for as long as we could, tryign our best to stay together. The entire pyramid toppled. And as Helne said, its a GREAT pyramid, so yeah, we RAN.
"Dont' look back!" Alex yelled. I was runnign faster than him, so when i turned back (he, it's just like that. if you're told to immediatly NOT to do something, you do it. its ur instinct.) I saw him looking back too!
"speak for yourself..." I muttered. i noticed we all were looking back, but still running as fast as we could, i turned forward adn ran into something soft. All i rmember was some glitter and 6 thuds right next to me. next thing i knew, I was unconcious.
* * *