Thursday, May 22, 2008

another chapter.. (i'm only doing this cuz it's 6 in the morning and i'm bored)

"oh.. would you look at that?" a tingly voice from somewhere spoke, "they're awake." She stepped into my view. A girl dressed in blue completely, wearing a dress covered in glitter taht looked like there were flower petals on the skirt. The girl looked about my age, except she was only about two feet tall. Also, on her back, there were two delicate, beautiful wings. oh no! I'm delusional! There's no way she could havve wings. bu thten again, there they were. I reached out my hadn, trying to touch them.
"Hey! Watch it!" The girl smacked me, "If you break those, you'll have to pay my hospital bill at the Fairy Hospital!"
We all glanced at each other. I noticed tehre was a small... pole in her hand. also blue wiht a sparkly white tip with a raindrop on it.
"Hah!" GAry laughed, "YOU'RE A FAIRY???"
The girl seemed to stiffen. SHe held the pole and began to mumble something. Suddenly, and ice chest appeared out of nowhere and teh ice cubes were sliding down gary's back.
"Ahh.. ee... ooh.. ig..." he mumbled.
We all burst out laughing.. except Gary, of course.
"You guys wanna piece of this-ooh! that was a cold one!" He squealed.
"Yes, i am a fairy." THe girl introduced ehrself, "My name is Yanan."
"Yanan?" joseph asked, "like i'm yawnin? WHat a stupid name."
Yanan glared at him, and soon, Jospeh was doing the same weird dance gary was doing. We all mocked their dancing. Finally, it stopped.
"HOw dare you do that to my brothers??" Alex cried. Yanan thought nothign of it and squirted les in the face with a water balloon.
"A little help here JAmes!" Alex yelped, "JAMES!" James was muttering somethign, and suddenly his eyes lit up, as if he had just thought of somethign.
"there's no way you could be a fairy in this world. You would have to travel through many dimensions to do that unless u brought us to this place while we were napping...?" We looked behind us and sure enough, the toppled pyramid was still there.
"But- it can't be. Fairies only exist in books of mythology and factasy. Seeing them in the natural world just isnt possible!" He said, confused."Oh look. her wings are gone. She's just a regular girl also in the Pyramids." He soothed himself.
"uh.. no." Yanan sprouted her wings out again. "i cna change whneever i want!"
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!" James looked as if he was about to faint.
"Agh," yanan muttered, "where are my sisters?? ANNA! CLAUDIA! Get over here! They're up!" She yelled.
another girl, dressed almost exactliy the same as yanan, except slightly shorter adn her dress was orange, adn insteda of a blue tint on her wings, she had an orangeish glow. ANd her hair had orange streaks int it. she also had no pole..
"Hi! I'm Anna!"
We all mumbled hi back.
Another girl flew in, slightly taller than Yanan, dressed in all white with a halo.
"HEy guys! I'm claudia. " She said brightly. "Introduce yourself and tell me a little bit more about you!" Wow. This reminds me so much of the first day of school. Of course, I've never been to school, but we reead and teach ourselves. Ocasionally, we come across a tutor on our adventures.
"hey, I'm helen, and i like to cheer! WHoo!" We all turned away, whistling as we pretended not to know her. "Hey guys! Your turn!"
"Okay. I'm alex and I'm sexy!" we all stared at the ground. Except Joseph. He shoved Alex and went, "I'm sexier. EVeryone knows taht!" The girls just rolled their eyes.
"I'm James, and I'm hoping to get into harvard, although I've never been to school before, i'm planning to major in math nad science." The three fairies just stared blankly at him and blinked a couple of times.
"Hey! I'm Jenny and I'm awesome and you arent!" But I guess jenny noticed that "Yanan, anna, and claudia were kind of heating up, so she rushed her words. "Just kidding.. heh.."
I went last. "i'm michelle..."
"OKay, cna u tell us somethign aaobut yourseelf?" claudia asked.
"Um.. I like to write?"
"oh sure.. okay.. I gues you guys have been wondering about us. YEs we really are fairies. Yanan's a water fairy, ANna's a fire fairy, and I'm a sky/air fairy." Claudia said. "WE can grant you one wish since tehre's so many of you. WE are good fairies and WONT trick you. Think well." Whe wnt on.
"Sweet!" The guys yeelled.
"Hold on." I narrowed my eyes. "HWat's the catch?"

Sunday, May 18, 2008

new names

mary-mr. perverted
helen-mr. perverted (oh.. and keep saying yay 2 her. it pisses her off :D)
*btw they're gay and married 2 each other.. 0.o
arielle-airhead or mermaid
claudia-cloud, claud, any.. just not anything with THONG IN IT
rebecca-becca, becky, becks
alex-lily (it's a social studies thing)
jenny-asparagus hamburger
gary-possibly another mr. perverted.. 0.o
joseph-tofu or anything else..


hey guys ummm. this may sound like a homework assignment, but i'm just asking u 2 comment and put if i rly am trustworthy or nto. if i'm not, could u list y?? thxx

Friday, May 16, 2008

james's haiku

james is so nerdy
i mean that in a good way
like um.. he's .... uh.. smart?

easy to talk to
except when hes questioning
me about crushes

has a funny face
when he's in the straight face game
and i make him lose

i make him so mad
just because i leave early
and leave him at home.

well, i'ts not my fault
he's not ready at that time
he's just too lazy.

despite all of this,
he's stlill one of the ppl
on bgf list

mary's haiku

i sometimes call her
'hairy larry who's scary
because it's so fun

she sometimes calls me
'mitchell' because she thinks its cool
i think it's stupid

she always teases
about ______.. she's so weird
so i tease her back.

mary is so sporty
she's good at almost all sports
except for mile..

She loves to pass notes
when the teacher's not looking
She is a bad girl

She is so much fun
I put her as number two
on bff list

becca's haiku

Becca seems so shy
Like an innocent angel
What is under it all?

A girl who's too scared
to say her own opinion
even though they're pretty good.

A girl who's afraid
to stound out from the others
and look all different.

an awesome cellist
in phil after just a year.
i look up to her.

she looks much better
with her hair tied and pulled back
than the emo one.. xD

so fun to play with,
tease, scare, poke, chat, and laugh with.
a pretty true friend..

Behind it all...

Behind this life,
this "perfect" one,
there's another world
where I don't just always have fun.

THey hthink i have perfect friends
that always treat me great.
But behind this pretty picture
the number of true friends i have is about 8.

THey think my family gets along,
never have to shout, yell, or fight.
but in truth,
they're almost the opposite of right.

they think my crush and i
are doing perfectly great.
But waht's the point in liking someone
if you cant even date??

they think my life is so easy
that I can just zoom by,
while everyone else stresses out,
they think my stress rate is low while theirs is high.

behind this pretty picture,
after they clear everything up,
my life is pretty much the same as the rest
so i dont' really have a gallon of luck while the rest have a cup.

but it's not taht i'm not grateful,
It's just that I want people to know
that my life....
isn't a perfect like a tv show.

So behind it all,
this perfect scene,
life for me,
is pretty mean...

And behind it all,
I try to only show
the good, not the bad
so no one has to know:

the pain i feel,
the suffering i get
all th things
that i regret.

So behind this smiling face,
my sisters and brothers,
my life is pretty much the same
as all the others.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Trying.. A poem dedicated to Yanan Wang and Helen Li

I feel like I should do it
I feel like I should try
BUt i'm just kind of afraid
That i'll fall down and cry.

I ready myself as I decide:
No I wont be a chicken.. or a hen
ANd i'm about to go,
but something stops me once again.

I'm afraid of humiliation,
AFraid of embarassment
AFraid that something will happen,
And a part of me will be bent.

I watch the others do it
Some fall, but they still try.
'I'm gonna go' i thought.
ANd when i do, I fly...

i jump and leap
and hop and glide
And it feels so good
just knowing i tried.

I kno yanan and helen r both afraid of humiliation, so eyah... i origianlly wrote this poem the day we did hurdles.. xDD and i kno yanan didnt do them because rohan hurt himself, and helen didnt do it cuz she was in dance, but yeah.. enjoy!


we're not doing limericks in school, but i wrote some about soem of my friends..

There once was a girl named Helen,
She had not yet commited a felon.
She was a pretty good kid
6th chair when she went to mid (midwest)
And her head is as big as a melon.

(helen.. i'm kidding. but there rnt many things that rhyme with helen....)

There once was a girl named Anna.
She doesnt really like bananas.
She won't eat eggs
Even if somebody begs
And she has a friends named Amanda.

There once was a girl named Michelle
She has risen and she has fell
She tries to be nice
Like sugar not spice
So that she'd go to heaven not hell.

:D... i couldnt make one about yanan cuz... ntohing rhymes with yanan... xP.

Shy... A poem dedicated to Becca Coleman

I have something to tell them,
I have something to say.
But I guess I should just let them
Keep doing it their way.

I guess I'm too scared
To tey and speak out
I don't think I should
Try to change the route.

I'm about to say something,
Something smart and witty.
But when I open my mouth,
The sound is itty-bitty.

I guess i'm just afraid
Of what mean things they'll say.
Afraid of the high price,
That I might have to pay.

But then I say it,
And i start to say more.
But i stope; they all laugh.
What was I even scared for?

i just assume she feels this way often...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

True.. a poem dedicated to Jenny Ren

There's just this one kind of friend
that I hardly ever see
They nod their heads saying they understand
And are always there for me.

They're always, always, always
ALWAYS on my side.
No matter what thing I did wrong
If I hit or hurt someone, even if I lied.

And while others put me down
These friends bring me up
They make me feel so good about myself
it's like winning a game or petting a pup.

It's a lot like seeing a counselor
but cheaper, easier, and I'm able to hug.
They hug me right back, and walk with me
Even if I'm speeding upstairs, or going slower than a slug

My other friends asked me
If there was a word for that person that's new
And I just simply told them,
'it's a friend that's actually true."

A poem dedicated to Joseph Lee

I've been here for 11 years,
but I have just found out
That people just come and go
No matter how much you pout.

After all the time we spent
laughing and playing together
wishing we could do this
forever and ever.

Now I have to live with the possibility
Of never seeing him each other
for the rest of my life,
even though he's like my brother.

If I'm crying NOW,
when he hasn't even gone
What will I be like when he leaves?
Will I live that long?

Will I flood their house?
Then they'd have to stay
And fix it up, but they can't
leave. I'll even pay!

If they do,
A part of me will die
And for a couple of days,
All I'll do is cry and cry and cry.

Please only put nice comments. I'm not in the mood, for this poem is making me cry.


If I loved him 1/5 as much

as I loved you,

I would squeeze him so hard

he'd start turning blue.

If I liked him 1/4 as much

as I liked you,

I'd buy him a car

both shiny and new.

If I had a crush on him a 1/3 as much

as I do on you,

I'd send him 50 admirer notes

and he'd never have a clue.

If I wanted to hug him 1/2 as much

as I want to hug you,

I'd hug him for half a lifetime,

And I still might not be through.

If I was in love with him as much

as I am in you,

Then... Oh wait...

That could never be true.

azn posse stories

its 2 hard 2 type them after i already wrote them, instead i'm not gonna type them on my blog. u can just ask me for them at school... unless ppl r 2 lazy 2 or 2 shy. if u rly want me 2 keep typing them up on here, then i will. plz comment so i kno what 2 do.
btw: i'll start putting more poems

Thursday, May 1, 2008

another chapter

when i woke up, i noticed everyone else was lying down unconcious. They were all pretty heavy sleepers, so i had to personally wake each of them up.
"DUCK!" i yelped, "ahh!! it's ...uh... biting me!"
"Eek!" Joseph was up like that. " where!?!?!"
"Just kidding... I had to get you up SOMEHOW!" I grinned.
"Ahh! you.. you... douche! He yelled, (i have no idesa what this means,, but he says it, so yeah) he tackled me to the ground and i stumbled.
"okay... sorry big bro!" I apologized.
"It's okay. I'm calm now." He accepted.
And just like that, Jenny was up.
"what are you guys DOING?" seh asked
"nothing, just help us wake the others up." i quickly said.
"okay!" Jenny smirked, "GARY GET UP OR ELSE I'LL KICK UR A-- I mean, butt."
"What?" Helen asked, "Jenny's cussing?"
"She didn't... yet." Gary commented. only James was left.
"JAMES! we're having a pop quiz!" i hollered.
"What? Let me get my pencil out!" He yelped.
We grinned at each other.