Saturday, May 3, 2008

A poem dedicated to Joseph Lee

I've been here for 11 years,
but I have just found out
That people just come and go
No matter how much you pout.

After all the time we spent
laughing and playing together
wishing we could do this
forever and ever.

Now I have to live with the possibility
Of never seeing him each other
for the rest of my life,
even though he's like my brother.

If I'm crying NOW,
when he hasn't even gone
What will I be like when he leaves?
Will I live that long?

Will I flood their house?
Then they'd have to stay
And fix it up, but they can't
leave. I'll even pay!

If they do,
A part of me will die
And for a couple of days,
All I'll do is cry and cry and cry.

Please only put nice comments. I'm not in the mood, for this poem is making me cry.


Jenny said...

no worries, michelle

ill be there with u

Michelle said...

Haha sure

Michelle said...

Haha sure

Michelle said...

Oops! i didnt c the 'ill b there with u.'part. sry. ty

sejal said...