Saturday, May 3, 2008

True.. a poem dedicated to Jenny Ren

There's just this one kind of friend
that I hardly ever see
They nod their heads saying they understand
And are always there for me.

They're always, always, always
ALWAYS on my side.
No matter what thing I did wrong
If I hit or hurt someone, even if I lied.

And while others put me down
These friends bring me up
They make me feel so good about myself
it's like winning a game or petting a pup.

It's a lot like seeing a counselor
but cheaper, easier, and I'm able to hug.
They hug me right back, and walk with me
Even if I'm speeding upstairs, or going slower than a slug

My other friends asked me
If there was a word for that person that's new
And I just simply told them,
'it's a friend that's actually true."


Jenny said...

thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Yw! hope u liked it