Saturday, May 3, 2008


If I loved him 1/5 as much

as I loved you,

I would squeeze him so hard

he'd start turning blue.

If I liked him 1/4 as much

as I liked you,

I'd buy him a car

both shiny and new.

If I had a crush on him a 1/3 as much

as I do on you,

I'd send him 50 admirer notes

and he'd never have a clue.

If I wanted to hug him 1/2 as much

as I want to hug you,

I'd hug him for half a lifetime,

And I still might not be through.

If I was in love with him as much

as I am in you,

Then... Oh wait...

That could never be true.


Becca said...

awwww.... michelle, aren't you a tad... young for that??

Michelle said...

Becca, its a poem. not meant 2 b taken literally

Miranda said...

but its...very.deep........

Michelle said...

Thank u...

sejal said...

Poems reveal your feelings...gbm

sejal said...

I accidentally wrote 'gbm'. Sorry...