Friday, August 15, 2008

this is the same thing as jenny's.

no i'm not copying. we were both talking about it. i was gonna post it but i forgot.
voices of my buddiesssss
jenny-couch or cushion...
yanan- hammer... 0.0
shirley- glasses... 0.o
tiffany- abercombie ...
helen- omg i forgot.. lemme remeber.. oh right right.. a saw. :)
becca- a hearing aid T_-
gary-a boxing glove.. 0.0
alex- =D idk why or... :- ( a bored look)
joseph-..... a... tennis shoe. 0.o
james- a very fat book.
kevin- cat with glasses on.. 0.o

i think that's it.
if you get offended, comment and i'll change it.
or if you want me to add anyone else, just comment.

omg i found this cool siteee

i found this cool site that makes pictures with the keyboard.
i'll copy and paste some

okay actually it's not working with me. keeps stretching out the whole thing... so ... here's the link..
and they have some really... weird topics but i still think the sites really cool.