Thursday, May 1, 2008

another chapter

when i woke up, i noticed everyone else was lying down unconcious. They were all pretty heavy sleepers, so i had to personally wake each of them up.
"DUCK!" i yelped, "ahh!! it's ...uh... biting me!"
"Eek!" Joseph was up like that. " where!?!?!"
"Just kidding... I had to get you up SOMEHOW!" I grinned.
"Ahh! you.. you... douche! He yelled, (i have no idesa what this means,, but he says it, so yeah) he tackled me to the ground and i stumbled.
"okay... sorry big bro!" I apologized.
"It's okay. I'm calm now." He accepted.
And just like that, Jenny was up.
"what are you guys DOING?" seh asked
"nothing, just help us wake the others up." i quickly said.
"okay!" Jenny smirked, "GARY GET UP OR ELSE I'LL KICK UR A-- I mean, butt."
"What?" Helen asked, "Jenny's cussing?"
"She didn't... yet." Gary commented. only James was left.
"JAMES! we're having a pop quiz!" i hollered.
"What? Let me get my pencil out!" He yelped.
We grinned at each other.



Becca said...

ahahaha! Oh my gosh, it sounds JUST like them! :D

Why did you call Joseph... Ummm... Big Bro or something???

Michelle said...

Cuz in the story were family

J0s3ph L33 said...

lol i luv this :D

Michelle said...

Uhh... thx. should i keep writing here? u could just ask me at skool