Friday, May 16, 2008

Behind it all...

Behind this life,
this "perfect" one,
there's another world
where I don't just always have fun.

THey hthink i have perfect friends
that always treat me great.
But behind this pretty picture
the number of true friends i have is about 8.

THey think my family gets along,
never have to shout, yell, or fight.
but in truth,
they're almost the opposite of right.

they think my crush and i
are doing perfectly great.
But waht's the point in liking someone
if you cant even date??

they think my life is so easy
that I can just zoom by,
while everyone else stresses out,
they think my stress rate is low while theirs is high.

behind this pretty picture,
after they clear everything up,
my life is pretty much the same as the rest
so i dont' really have a gallon of luck while the rest have a cup.

but it's not taht i'm not grateful,
It's just that I want people to know
that my life....
isn't a perfect like a tv show.

So behind it all,
this perfect scene,
life for me,
is pretty mean...

And behind it all,
I try to only show
the good, not the bad
so no one has to know:

the pain i feel,
the suffering i get
all th things
that i regret.

So behind this smiling face,
my sisters and brothers,
my life is pretty much the same
as all the others.