Saturday, February 16, 2008


ok... i kno this is a weird name 4 a blog, but u c, YANAN (thats rite.. yanan wang) she thinks that i am butting in on everyones love life, when really ppl r just TELLING me who they like. so basically, i didnt walk up 2 them and go... "PLEAZ O PLEAZ TELL ME WHO U LIKE! I WONT TELL ANYONE!" like weirdos.. no... ppl just trust me 2 keep it a secret. thats y ok?? just 2 get u clear on that.. oh, plus.. 2 prove my point, i kno who 4 ppl currently like at the moment, and i havent told a soul... so yeah.. u can trust me! AND EVERYONE I SEND THE LINK 2 MUST POST A COMMENT... OR THEY WILL DIE AND I WILL STALK U! have a nice day ppl! :D


Judy said...

hola michelle.
i'm posting a comment b/c i dont want to die and / or be stalked..

=) ummm
interesting post... i guess?
♥ Judy

sejal said...

OK...That's nice.

April said...

wow michelle
ur so weird

Michelle said...

Shut up ppl. Well, except 4 judys. Hers was nice. But COME ON april. Don't u have anything NICE 2 say??

Rebecca said...

Okay michelle, I don't know if you know this but..... YOU HAVE NO CLUE!!

Natasha said...


Anna said...

ok....strange *duh*