Sunday, April 6, 2008

2day was sooo awesome!!!

omg... claudia sed she would pay joseph $20 if he would dunk his toe 2 his face underwater at pecan park lake. he did, adn then like.... claudia took his ipod.. adn duh... he wanted it back, and.. caludia.. well.... lets say gravity pulled it down, adn it fell under teh gazebo!

of course, joseph wanted 2 go get it, adn liek.... the only way we could ewas 2 go under teh gazebo, which was slightly small, but luckily.. scrawny little jjoseph could fit down tehre, well... sum parts of it. (jjk!!) and the place nearest 2 the ipod was 2 small 4 him, so he suggested we dig 2 make the hole bigger, but apparently, our only tools were sticks, hands, tennis balls, a squishy football, and some journals, so veto with taht idea.

there was another section where teh whole was bigger, though not very big, but big enough so that even ur fat reporter coudl fit.. xDD

of course, it was far from the ipod, and joseph insisted on digging a hole, and then when i was looking 4 his ipod, i mentioned taht it was slightly creepy. i saw something under there that looked liek either a turnip or a chopped off skull. of course, everyone thot i was a lunatic as usual. then, once joseph FINALLY got teh guts 2 go down tehre, he found out that the "turnip" was actually the head of a DUCK! and IT WAS ALIVE! he screamed and jumped out. now u may think he was a wimp, but teh rest of us were afraid 2 get our CLOTHES dirty. so i guess... hes not THAT wimpy. anyways, it took some convincing 2 get him 2 go down again, but finally he did, adn we all were cheering him on. i was watching from a particularly close spot, and thot he had left, but actually, i screamed when he went "michelle??" lol.

anyways, he finally got it, and he passed it 2 me, and we finaly got on with wat we were gonna do anyways. :D

if u wannna kno more about it, email me or claudia, joseph, yanan, becca, stacy, john, or kevin.


Miranda said...

.......what did u guys do????? D:

Becca said...

:D it was FUUUUN

Miranda, why didn't you stay?!

Miranda said...

because my mom made me go.... I didnt want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she forced me. next time, john betta go early it was all his fault we came so late!!!!!!