Wednesday, July 2, 2008

stupid pass the poetry (DO NOT READ IF YOU REALLY HATE POETRY!) i just put this on cause i'm extemely bored.

Last night I got kidnapped by a UFO
I was begging, but they wouldn't let me go.
And in teh ship, i saw strange things lurk,
So THAT'S why i didn't finish my homework!

Winnie the Pooh (haha he's creepy so i wanted to make fun of him)
When Winnie the Pooh
goes to the loo,
people always tease him.
This does nto tease him.

A big fight
My friend and I have got in a fight
We've been yelling at each other day and night
I yell at her and she yells at me
It's the beginning of World War 3.

Having Fun
The Asian Posse
Runs around, screaming
On Sunday afternoon
At Pecan Park
To get away from water balloons.

Dumb man (this is not accurate)
The man put a bomb
In teh middle of the lake
Soon, it will blow up.
BOOM! the explosion has come.
Dumb man. Bomb's dont work in lakes

Points of view
Optimist just said
"The rain waters teh flowers."
Pessimist's saying
"It will suddenly flood the
whole world and we will a die."

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