Thursday, August 7, 2008

camp challengeeeeee

as many of you guys know, a couple of us (yanan, becca, salena, james, kevin, and joseph) went to CAMP CHALLENGE AT CAMP BUCKNER!!! :D it was a church camp and it was totally awesomeee :D. we went from 8/3-8/6 and yeahh

so some highlights of the camp....








at camp BUCKner too. o.0

anyway... it hurt.

but i had my very first God sighting there. i FELT Him there with me. it was so powerful.

see, here's what happened:

my horse sped up.... as i was turning a corner. i started laughing. then my saddle was slipping and i pulled back on the reins to stop it so i could slip it back on. then it sped faster. and it went CRAZY. i fell off/iit bucked me off. my leg was still attached to the rein, and then it started pulling me around. by then, i was weak and tired. i didn't even do anything to try to get my foot out. then some invisible force pulled my foot off. it was God. i could've lost my foot. or... die. :)

ohh and i accepted Christ there :D.

i encourage you ALL to go next year! :D

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