Saturday, September 6, 2008

hey guys

okay so it's not for sure yet, but most likely, i'll be moving after this year.
not too far, only to... avalon. which means i'll be going to fort settlement. basically our like, rivals. XD.
anyway, i probably won't be having high school with you either, because fort settlement people typically go to clements. (which is a big deal for my dad 'you need competition in school' or whatever.) he also wants a house by the lake, which is what avalon's pretty famous for. he thinks those are pretty (which i do agree but i dno't wanna leave ya'llllll) and he wants to get a MOTORBOAT. and i'm like "DAD. I'M A FREAKING SEASICK PERSON." and he goes "well it's a lake." and i'm liek -sigh-.

so i'm just letting you guys know! :)

i guess o.0

and let me know if you find any big houses on sale.. XD


Lizzy said...

not trying to be negative or anything buuuuuut.. 'not sure yet' means, 'oh yeah, WE'RE SURE.' =.=

At least you guys.. will get a pweety water front house? aside from the motor boat part..

Helen said...

WHAT!!!! if u do move(which i hope not), have fun with ur motor boat. xD

Michelle said...



Meowzers said...

i don't get seasick, and I'm AWESOME at boats! Like this one time i drove a pontoon boat and no one died!