Friday, April 18, 2008

chapter two

We all glanced at eachother.
"oh no!" alex cried, "i cant lose my wonderful self! i'm too young 2 die!"
"Do you even KNOW whhat a monsoon is??" Jenny asked
"well... no.." alex mumbled
"It's a bunch of winds that make it reeally windy." helen said
they all stared at helen
"what?"seh asked
"Nothing... ahem." Michelle quickly said
Finally, the plane came to stop as we landed. Michelle pulled out her travel/sorta general journal out of her bag. (yes, that means the rest of the story is in her journal entries)
(sry didnt have neough time today.. bye!_


Anna said...

u forgot me :( (sad)

Michelle said...

I wrote it in ss

Miranda said...

interesting................i wanna be in it D: even tho im not in da azn posse

sejal said...

I bet you don't even know what a monsoon DEFINITION.


Michelle said...

... i was explaining how clueless helen was. -.- Yea u can all be in it. requests taken!