Saturday, April 19, 2008

chapter 3:


after we got off the plane, we had a nive dinner and were laughing adn jking until helne and jenny strarted singign adn dancing and all eyes were on us. afterwards, we hasd dessert adn discussed ideas on what to do.

"we should let them deal with it themselves,"gary said,"and if they sy no, we shall make the hindu peopel eat cows!" gary obviously thought this was a great idea while the res tof us just stared at him.
"obviously we should let them make a salt factory, dn then they'll tke caare of it," joseph mentioned.
"yeah that could work. that was my second choice..." gary said
everyone just rolled their eyes.
"oh.. that could work... if there was SUCH THING AS A SALT FACTORY!"jenny screamed. eyes were on us again.
"um.. maybe we can evaporate seawater and teach thenm how to do it for their supply of salt!" i wondered aloud.
"but-"the boys all started.
"did you know that India is a subcontinent?" James asked.
"um... right..." everyone mumbled.
It's one am in the mornign. i van't sleep because the boys insisted on coming to our suite and telling scary stories.i got freaked out by oen story gary told about bunnies. to make a long story short, bunnies can be evil, even fluffy white ones... 0.0


Miranda said...

NO THEY CANNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Yea they can. shivers

sejal said...

Don't make me eat beef. ^_^

A cow is a holy animal in India!

I never knew someone could be so cruel!

Michelle said...

Gosh. its a story