Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chapter 4

this morning the girls woke up with syrup in our hair thanks to a prank Joseph made up to get us back for taking too long in the morning. Good job. Now we have to take longer because we have 2 shower. First wae have to go to the taj mahal to meet the presiidentish person. we decided on my idea, since it was the only one that wouldnt get us in trouble with the government.
once we got there, the prime minister was doing an awkward pose that looked similar to a pretzel. we asked the attndant what hee was doing (the prime minister), adn the attndant said he was prayign to Buddha.
"i pray to Buddha," alex commented, "but i never wound up looking like osmething u buy at walmart."
"He's very.... into it," the attndant defended. while we were waiting, we noticed this short lady painting. (the lady is not painting, but there is a lady in the painting)
"who's that?" Gary wondered, "She's about as short as me"
"That's Indira Ghandi," James explained, "Wife of Mohandas Ghandi."
"That's correct, little boy," the Prime minister said, "You are very smart!"
"Why thank-" James started, "Hey! who are you calling little? I'm the tallest one out of all the boys!"
"HEY!" Alex screamed.
"Whatever," I said, "Stop fighting shorties"
But as usual, no one was listenign to me. James was too busy looking at a map of India.
"Did you guys know-" everyone groaned as he started "India is a subcontinent?"
"Uh... right." Jenny mumbled," You said that already!"
"India also has a bunch of deltas!" GAry mentioned.
"Wow.... I'm impressed!" Jenny said.
"D-E-L-T-A! what does that spell? Delta!" Helen cheered.
"um.. Helen?" Joseph asked.
"Yeah?" Helen answered
"Don't do that." He responded.
"oh.. okay." Helne blushed.
"Okay, i'm confused," I said, "what's a subcontinent and what's a delta?"
"A subcontinent is a country that has different geographic featrues than other parts of the continent," Jenny explained, "And a delta is sediment deposited at the mouth of the river"
"whoa," I laughed. "You have good vocabulary too!"
"what's your point?" Jenny asked.
"nothing... it's just if you and james werent family..." I formed a heart with my hands.
Everyone burst out laughing. Well, except for James and Jenny of course. James gave me an icy glare that made me go, "heh... just kidding!"
After taht moment, we were all sort of flushed adn quickly told the Prime minister our idea and left. After all our arguing adn joking around, it was almost 7. We ordered room service, chatted a bit, and went to bed.


sejal said...

Totally a waste of 1 minute of my life. Thanks. \

Sorry, cranky mood today.

Becca said...

JAMES AND JENNY>?! earlier in the story, it seemed like james and helen...

Michelle said...

? rly? oh... i was kidding.