Saturday, April 19, 2008


in my dreams, it's as if the skies are painted,
it seems like such an easy job to do,
in reality, the skies are smoky gray
as apposed to that wonderful blue

in my dreams, the trees are emerald,,
with blossoming flowers, and green leaves everywhere
in reality, the treees are cut down to make
supermarkets taht sell products: food and hair

In my dreams, the grass is green
on EVERYONE'S side
In reality, where grass should be, there is dirt
no place for easter eggs to hide

in my dreams, everyone is polite,
no teasing, no hitting, everyone's just nice
in reality, lots of people are cruuel,
bullying, and insulting, not sugar, but spice.

why can't we follow the ways of my dreams?
(you're probably not listening, since we ignore each other quite a lot)
because of cruelty, pollution, and carelessness
the world is going to end a lot faster than we thought

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